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My name is Francis Catoera and I am the founder of this company. I created this site to establish our existence in the market selling unique gift products so, our loved ones, family members, and friends can have something to enjoy that are worth remembering. We offer unique selection of gifts through Amazon and on our specialty store, Franchelle's Gifts and Basics to mesmerize you with classic collectible gift items that are one of a kind.

Our selected gifts will make a great collection at home, office and business establishments for every important people in our life that we aspire to always remember us. Great products that will create wonderful sentiments that will last a lifetime for our friends, family members, and children to remember.

We also offer personalized gifts such as gift baskets and boxes that can also aspire better relationship among friends, family and business partners because of the sentimental values these items have. These are classic items that we all grew up as a kid, with our children, family members, and friends. And will always be here to help us remember our youth and our enjoyment having them, watching them and playing with these classic collections. Having these great items at our home or in special places in our life not only help us remember our childhood but also gives us something to show our family, friends, our future generations, and their future generations. And the sentiments it brought us to keep our generations entertained, happy, and informed will be forever cherished, protected and loved.


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