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The power of play.

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Giving a child access to different materials for playing such as toys, puzzles, pictures, and books at a very young age can provide them significant brain development as they grow and mature. Children exposed to different tools for learning are also more creative and imaginative. According to an article from the Association for Psychological Science, toys are one of the most essential tools and basic playing materials that can be used by a child for learning and development that are also commonly used around the world (Association for Psychological Science, Toy Stories. December, 2006).

Toys provide children not just entertainment but also enhances their imagination and thinking process. Children learn faster using toys as tool to comprehend their environment, interact and observe their surroundings. Toys indulged them to dive into their thought process to make things, create things and use it in many imaginative ways possible.

Allowing your child to be entertained using toys to play with gives them the freedom to think and helps them nurture their talents and skills at a very young age. With the involvement of parents or older siblings in the family, the talents a child possess can be harnessed and processed in so many ways adding that toys can entertain children by getting their attention most of the time. Providing them access to learning tools such as toys, reading to them, playing music with them always can give them interactive activities that help them to speak faster, nurture their thought process to absorb words and understand language efficiently and effectively.

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Playing provides a vital role in the development of a young child's mind.

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