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Teaching your kids to read

There are several ways we can introduce reading to kids at a very young age. Kids are very curious at many things especially learning words from people they meet and mingle with everyday. They also like to mimic words they hear around them. According to NIH, children develop speech and language during there first 3 years of life. And it is also in this period when children's brain is maturing and developing intensively that they acquire these important speech and language skills (NIH, 2017). There are several ways we can provide children with basic reading skills and help them develop there speech, voice and language for effective communication. There are numerous ways also to keep track of children's development from birth to 3 months. Children also needs to be exposed to sounds that can influence their speech. Children should react to sounds. Allowing your children to listen to music and watching shows that introduces phonemic word attributes to there faster reading development and communication skills.

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