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Learning is Passion

How to entice your children to become passionate about learning.

Children process learning through interests and passion. They love to do things that would fill their curiosity. Children's learning process evolve by exposing them to resources that harness their talents and skills. Giving them also the necessary materials to access those talents will bring the best out of them and influence their behavior, so they can develop more interests on things they want to do. However, with today's learning approach, children in schools and at home became complacent to study because they think that everything can be derived from technology to answer questions and figure out answers to difficult questions. Googling a word or solving complex math problems by a touch of a finger in a computer gadget can be done faster now that was once a daunting tasks to many students. And because of its popularity, people put emphasize on it such as the many parents nowadays that uses it as a tool to encourage children to study and understand their lessons. Educators introduce their lessons also to students using you tube to familiarize with topics instead of having them utilize books from the shelves. The fact that technology provides vast array of lessons by flicking topics in an I-pad, books were kept in shelves to decay and get dusty. The books became less interesting for many children nowadays because information acquired from these materials were very limited. Thus, it became part of a lost treasures in an attic at home or library targeted by silverfish pests to grow and feast on it because many children were not reading them anymore instead were succumb to using gadgets all the time. Learning in a traditional way can also be daunting and boring for most children because the methods from reading the books were longer. Parents prefer to use technology as a tool to influence their children to learn because answers are all accessible and apps were all user friendly. However, their is always a setback from all things that were easy and technology can bring issues to children's learning development most especially when it comes to knowledge retention and their stamina inside the classroom. The easier it becomes for them to get an answer from a topic or question, the faster it gets for them also to get bored and thus, they divert to other things irrelevant and not related to topics that they need to learn while browsing their computers and I-pads at home and school. According to a new findings from World Economic Forum that children reading in a screen of a gadget are less likely to develop strong comprehension compared to children reading in books and hard bound papers. This is proven also by traditional educators that prefer books as learning materials over gadgets. Although the information obtained from gadgets can have more writings in it, it also means that the facts cannot be all consistent. Rather, it is sometimes based on personal opinions and restated writings that can be controversial because the source and context do not have all the solid references. Thus, it is better to have the longer and excruciating method of reading a topic page by page from a book over a piece of information found in a site that may not have all the solid basis and references rendered to the reader.

So, what is the best way to encourage learning on our children? It is to entice them to learn productively by creating an environment around the house were books are accessible to them. Because our home are their first place of learning, book materials should be available and visible to them that they get to pick up and look into page by page. Thus, it encourages them to make a selection of topics that not just interests them but can motivate their talents as they progress in their learning development and skills.

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